A collection of rainy day books not just for the rainy days

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I like to think of myself as a horror, mystery, and thriller type of writer. But recently, listening or reading to more of the same stuff hasn’t done much in terms of inspiration. It’s quite boring, honestly, reading the same thing I want to write about.

So I finally decided to shake things up and listen to the Audible version of To Kill a Mockingbird. And yes, that’s the first time in my life I was finally read/listened to the story; which is pretty late in life, for anyone to read this book. I had put off reading it because…

And they need movie adaptations asap

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I happen to deeply enjoy sci-fi movies. But I am not inherently a sci-fi reader.

I am a vampire, horror, cozy mysteries, and Harry Potter lover. I know that’s a weird mix but bear with me.

Movies like Cloud Atlas and Minority Report, which I know are based on written works, have done little to nothing, to rouse my interest in the written sci-fi genre. The concepts, however highly imaginative they might be, feel so ethereal and unlikely to ever happen — it never manages to capture my attention for long stretches of time.

But a few years ago I…

I hate the ‘Queen of Popular Haunted House’ e-books because she almost makes me happy

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I came to know Darcy Coates in a Goodreads article which was promoting authors who are winning in the haunted house category. And me, I always want me some haunting. I tried Christina Henry’s Alice but it was not what I was expecting it to be so I gave it up. I also tried Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt but DNF’d it because I had a feeling it was going to go nowhere. And then I came across Darcy Coates.

She has a plethora of books to her name and I had an enjoyable time deciding what I should pick…

From least favourite to most favourite

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Gillian Flynn came on my reading radar in 2018 when I had just shifted to Melbourne and was unsuccessfully applying to new jobs. I was fortunately living near an excellent public library and feeling that my life could benefit from some literary spice I decided to plunge into the domestic thriller genre which was the rage during that time. Big Little Lies was reigning supreme on HBO and one my friends was also reading it.

I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that I’m not a fan of the domestic thriller genre. It feels like a feeble topic, aimed at…

Movie adaptations which are way better than the books.

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Personally — I’ve always been a big books-over-movies type of person. So many times excellent bits from the books are totally ignored or represented badly on screen. Take Harry Potter for example — I started reading Harry Potter when I was 12 years old and yet I have not watched five of the Harry Potter movies and I have no regrets about it. But as an adult, I’m finally getting perspective and my views are broadening.

I still prefer books over movies but these book adaptations got a Hogwarts O from me — i.e. …

Focusing on these story essentials can make or break your story

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Are you tired of writing prompts that do not inspire you?

Writing prompts are not necessarily my favorite method of brainstorming an idea for a novel. They just feel so impersonal. Personally, I find it difficult, because I am really passionate about my fiction — I have strong likes and dislikes and I know what I like to read.

So as a writer, I have trawled through a million YouTube videos, internet articles, etc. to get to the point where I could finally settle on a brainstorming method that fitted my requirements. What I have noticed is that the simplest…

And what happens when you take your audience for granted

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I don’t get it. I just don’t.

Here we are at least 200 years into fiction publishing history and 100 years into film history. We have already read books or seen movies that have deeply moved us or blown our minds.

Also, given the age of the internet, especially due to Kindle and Audible, we have never been more exposed to such an abundance of great fiction. New and established authors are in a unique position to produce fictional works that keeps getting better and better. …

Are you afraid of someone stealing your story idea?
Are you afraid of someone stealing your story idea?
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I had just graduated from University and I was pursuing a job opportunity, a little aggressively (or maybe a lot). It had been 5 months since graduation and my parents were getting on my case. It didn’t end well. Fed up with my constant, over-enthusiastic emails, they finally told me to bugger off (politely, of course).

I was frustrated — I had been so close to getting that job! It wasn’t the most ideal location and it was only part-time — but it was a professional job nonetheless!

In my frustration, I complained about the situation to a few people…

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Most of the time I feel like I’m trying to push against an invisible wall.

It’s really very frustrating.

Initially, I had this vision — I was going to bang out a novel quickly, self publish on Amazon, and start earning that coveted passive income — based on which I can finally leave my job and start living my life.

Am I trying to quit because I hate my job?

Nope — my office life is possibly better than average. My office mates are nice, my office occasionally hosts free lunch, my work-life balance is largely maintained on an even…

Netflix’s Dark is a sci-fi web series that has broken new grounds in the time travel genre. 3 reasons why this series is a Masterpiece.

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In March 2018, there was an atomic explosion — in my head.

Because I had just seen Netflix’s Dark: Season 1.

I felt alive; my senses were vibrating.

In fact, Dark Season 1 is the reason I decided to get back to writing. Here was proof that good stories are not dead.

When I showed it to my husband, his socks got blown off too. He had a harder time following the convoluted things that were happening (even with a pen and paper to keep track), but he was hooked. Both of us were.

Initially, I was afraid that the…

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