Emma and Nathan are your average university students and Emma feels the time is right to give Nathan the permanent boyfriend position in her life. But then he does something stupid. Very stupid.

Day 1

Nathan is an idiot and nothing is going to convince me otherwise.

First of all, he made me watch this Netflix movie which he swore was the best thing since frozen yogurt. …


A science-fiction thriller inspired by Phillip K. Dick & my entry in Vocal’s Doomsday Diary Competiton

Eric stood at the edge of the crater, looking towards a lone spaceship on the other side of it.

He had to reach it before it took off. He had been paid handsomely for the job, too handsomely. He could buy a country with that kind of money. But the…

Eta George

Gothic Mystery, Suspense, and Science Fiction Writer. Find out more at

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