Dear Internet Trolls

You just earned me some money

Eta George
3 min readAug 21, 2022


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This will be a evolving work in progress.

I will be updating this article as I collect more data. And as I earn more money. And whenever someone else comes out of the woodwork to yell at me for writing something that offends their sensibilities.

Because apparently, What Meghan Markle Fails To Understand makes a lot of people angry. How dare I try to have a balanced view on Meghan Markle where I call out her faults but also say I don’t think she’s a bad person. What kind of monster even does that?

Being a controversial polarizing person, anything you say about Meghan Markle is food for a raging dumpster fire. Doesn’t matter what you say. Particularly if you try to have a balanced view on Meghan Markle you risk offending her detractors and her supporters. Mostly her supporters, because unless what you say is slavish praise, everything else is trash. I guess I should not have been surprised by this.

Anyway long story short — this article which did not get distribution or promotion by Medium earned me my last months Medium salary. And all the credit goes to the people who keep fighting me in comments.

This is like being Jessica Wildfire for a day. Except with more humour. Because I’m pretty sure my troll got more exhausted by our conversation than me. By the end they actually thought our conversation was pointless and circular and wanted nothing else to do with me.

I can’t blame them. I was texting by phone and I was also half delirious with sleep, because I had stayed up late last night trying to finish the next chapter of my sci-fi horror web novel (shameless plug here). I might have misunderstood them at one point and started a pointless conversation all on my own. I was aware that I should stop and that I was probably lowering my image in this person’s eyes, but unfortunately it was too addictive.

Though if I ever become so excessively bold as to question a troll again, I will allow the Devil to take me back to hell whence I seem to have come according to this person. At the time they found my article I happened to have 666 followers. And everyone knows that’s the Devils number. I have atrocious grammar, as a minion of Devil would. And on top of it I happen to write horror stories.

I mean what more information do you need to know that I’m the Devil’s Child? I have as good as declared myself.

Keep watching this space for more updates. Because I do not promise that I will not confuse or question a troll ever again. It goes against my principle. And also because I had too much fun. I was laughing hysterically as I was rereading our conversations.

So yes, maybe I am the Devil’s Child. There. Hope it makes you happy.



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