I Just Donated All Of My Medium Earnings

And I will continue to do so

Eta George
4 min readSep 8, 2022


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On a day to day basis I’m the biggest cheapskate ever.

My office mates laugh at me because I buy 1$ coffees from 7/11 everyday. It is unfortunately the biggest faux pas you can commit in Australia where you get excellent coffee around every corner.

I also take great pleasure in annoying my husband who complains about my 5 years old shoes which are peeling and desperately in need of replacement. One time I even fooled him into thinking I’ve bought new shoes by painting over the peeling bits with a black marker pen.

But you know what I can’t stop splashing money on? Animals. Particularly my adopted 12 years old Ragdoll who being a senior cat requires special medicated food and regular grooming or he’ll ends up with a giant ball of hair stuck in his gut ever other day.

Pets Matter

Owning a pet is very much like having a permanent baby in the house. They require a fair amount of attention, lot of patience and they can’t appreciate any of it because they don’t know what it’s like living the life of a free roaming animal. Like many domestic animals, their wild instincts have been dulled or bred out of them by humans.

But I don’t mind it.

Having a pet has made me a better human being. It’s made me kinder, more patient and accepting of the fact that sometimes you need to do things without expecting anything in return. There are also, lot of perks of owning pets.

It’s made me part of a large and fantastic community. Pet owners as a rule are generally nice and uber friendly people who really care about their pets and even you. Not to mention the fact that owning a pet makes you both kind of mini celebs. Every time I parade my cat on Zoom, my office mates have a huge meltdown over how cute he is. Some of my friends come specifically to meet my cat, not me per se.

There’s also an unexpected side effect of owning pets. I can no longer watch videos of animal rescue without it flipping my stomach or making me incredibly sad. I’m only two years into my journey of being a pet owner, but I now get the fuss people make about animal cruelty. Particularly cruelty towards domesticated animals.



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