Telo (The Body)

The next morning, the heroine wakes to a shocking discovery…

Eta George
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Previously: While settling into the farmhouse, the heroine is woken up from her sleep one night by the sound of someone moaning….

Next day, Svetlana was woken up by the sound of someone shouting.

She sat bolt upright in her bed, blinking the sleep out of her eyes. Thanks to her late night adventure, she had found it harder to fall asleep that night. She had eventually drifted off to sleep somewhere near dawn, when the wind had gone down a bit and the pale sun had started creeping up over the horizon. She had allowed her eyes to close briefly and the next thing she knew she was woken up by loud shouts, somewhere close by.

What now?

She quickly jumped out of her bed and again grabbed her coat before hastily venturing outside. This time the corridor was fairly well lit, she could ascertain that nothing untowardly was lurking in any corner of the passage.

More urgent shouts.

This time, it was definitely coming from the astronauts' bedroom. Grigori seemed to be shouting frantically for her.

She hurried to their room and threw the door open without ceremony. Grigori was also sitting upright in his bed, with a panicked expression on his face.

“He’s bleeding!” he frantically gestured at Igor. “Call the doctor!”

Svetlana stared at Igor as if in a trance. He lay in the bed, gaunter than ever, with a trickle of blood leaking from one corner of his mouth.

“Quick!” Grigori shouted. “Do something!”

Roused from her stupor, Svetlana dashed downstairs for the telephone. She ignored Sergey, passing him in her flight, who asked earnestly what the ruckus was all about. With shaking hands, she dialled the doctor’s office, but the phone just kept ringing.

She had to call the doctor’s office several times in a row. Thankfully on the sixth attempt, the doctor picked up. Even before he could bark a greeting down the phone she frantically demanded for him to drop anything he was doing and come to the farmhouse immediately.



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